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Local | Seasonal | Organic

The Penny Ice Creamery combines fresh local ingredients in small batches to create delicious artisinal ice cream. As one of the smallest dairy manufacturing plants in California, our production from all organic dairy and sustainably grown ingredients is done in the shop in full view of our visitors.

The Penny Ice is the result of Chef Kendra L. Baker and business partner Zachary E. Davis' combined efforts and passion for food. Together they cultivate a unique opportunity, inviting the community to take a look behind the scenes into their daily production. The open kitchen and showcased production room allow everyone to see what goes into making their delicious treats..


We wouldn't have it any other way

We combine traditional culinary methods with modern and whimsical flavors to devise truly unique ice cream creations. We take great care in sourcing each ingredient that goes into our ice cream, and we're the only ice cream shop in Santa Cruz that makes ice cream completely from scratch.

  We can do this because we're the only ice cream shop in town with a licensed pasteurizer. This means we're not forced to buy a pre-mixed ice cream base, but instead we're free craft each recipe to yield the ultimate flavor profile. This also means we can select each ingredient that goes into our ice cream individually, and we can make sure that no artificial flavors or preservatives get in. That's why we say it's "Made From Scratch".

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